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Cubic Kilometer Detector IceCube had a block of extremely clear ice one cubic kilometer detector in it’s size and 1.5 to 2 kilometers below the surface; where it is very dark and has some high pressures to keep the ice … Continue reading

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Creating a Sky-map The Ice Cube researchers had started on creating a sky-map for the directions of where the high-energy neutrinos have been coming from. So far, they are clustered in certain areas in space, they do not have an … Continue reading

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Cosmic Mystery

Cosmic Ray Mystery Cosmic rays were discovered more than a century ago, they have an extremely high-energy radiation that can travel through space and strike the Earth. Astrophysicists have theorized that they might be produced by extreme catastrophic events. But … Continue reading

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Science and Tech are the same things. They need robotic items to do a lot of things such as in space. where i told you about the neutrinos on earth that have come from space.

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Out of Space Technology

Neutrinos detected on Earth The Ice-Cube Laboratory at the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station in Antarctica is the world’s largest neutrino detector. The computers collect raw data on neutrino activity from its sensors that are in the ice and the light … Continue reading

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Tech. Holidays

Tech.Holidays On the holidays, everyone will be using technology to power up their christmas lights and to get ready for Christmas and New Years Day. Christmas Lights The lights are powered by an LED light bulb or also called a … Continue reading

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The Hoildays

Everyone is busy with shopping and waiting for the biggest days of the year to come and as they wait Santa is still checking his list twice ( for smaller kids to read). But technology specialists are getting busy too. … Continue reading

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