Tech. Holidays


On the holidays, everyone will be using technology to power up their christmas lights and to get ready for Christmas and New Years Day.

lightsChristmas Lights

The lights are powered by an LED light bulb or also called a C6 bulb. The Christmas Lights were first made in the early Japanese lamps. When the bulb was turn off, the workers made coloured glass and screwed the light in place. For the light to prevent to going out in the winter or even suffer from fading like candles. Some of these lights were even coated in the inside to even prevent this from happening. LED Christmas Lights have LED chips placed in them to determine if they survived the coldest winter.


For the those houses who do not have a proper fireplace. The owners go and buy electrical fireplaces by using a remote to turn it on and move the heat up. Plus, top turn it off when they are done with the fireplace. It makes a great present for you and santa because to those houses who forget to turn off their fireplaces at night when Old Saint Nick comes. He has to come through the front door or back door to get into the house because if he took the fireplace way, he would have a pain (which is possible a burn) in his butt. When he would come down that way.

Remember these warnings and reminders.
These are for when you are preparing for Christmas.

Tech. New Years Day

When you are celebrating this holiday with family and friends. You are filled by tech and electrically devices that could be all around you. That were presents from your loved ones or not.

When it is 7:00pm on the 31st of December and the countdown begins everyone in the entire world stays up and counts down to 1 and when it turns the clock to 12:00am; that will tell you that a brand new year is starting.

Make sure you are with loved ones and friends when the countdown begins and ends.

Stay up till the end of 2013 and the beginning of 2014.

Do not push away from family and friends in the middle of the countdown.

Do not even think that you not wanted.

Be joyful and play games.

Caution: Do not ruin for the rest of your family(they will find ways to ground you or make you pay for this).


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