Disaster Report

Last week in the Philippines, Typhoon Haiyan came and swept through the region. It left the Philippines with utter devastation with its path and it was heartbreaking for the region’s and the world’s praying and heartbroken people.

We all should pray and give something for those who might have lost their lives or homes or something that is now lost and will never be given again. Today, we will share our thoughts and prayers to the people in the region of the Philippines for their disaster that had happened.The typhoon went straight to Malia. The islands of the Philippines were also in the typhoon Haiyan and many have lost their homes, loved ones. The typhoon was near two continents called Asia and Australia. There are coordinates to where the typhoon hit and left to the next destination:
6.0°N  151.0°E
West at 20km
Gusts at 85km


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