Blackphone Aims to Be an NSA-Proof Smartphone

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By now we’ve learned a lot about how the NSA intercepts private communications, whether it’s tapping into fiber optic cables, bugging laptops before they’re delivered to customers or just collecting mounds of data from tech companies upon request.

Still, a new company called Blackphone believes it can create a smartphone that’s safe from government snooping. Blackphone promises secure phone calls, texts, file transfers and video chats, along with private browsing and anonymized activity through a virtual private network. The phone is a partnership between Silent Circle, which offers encrypted communications services, and Madrid-based phone maker Geeksphone.

Blackphone has lofty goals, but right now there aren’t a lot of details, either on the phone itself or on how communications will stay private. Blackphone says it’s creating a modified version of Android called PrivatOS, and is promising high-powered hardware, but that’s about the extent of what we know.

It’s worth noting that…

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