skymapCreating a Sky-map

The Ice Cube researchers had started on creating a sky-map for the directions of where the high-energy neutrinos have been coming from. So far, they are clustered in certain areas in space, they do not have an exact pinpoint of location in the sky. Grant said “that will happen as Ice Cube gathers more information and data.

Grant also said “When you turn to your favorite astronomer and you say exactly what’s in the sky? What’s there that could produce these high-energy events?” “That would give us the first definitive identification of what’s causing the production of these particles.” Many clues could be provided about the origin of the high-energy cosmic rays; which likely originated from the same cause of events. The reason why neutrinos from space have never ever been found before; they are very hard to find or detected, partly because they are so rare to interact with anything.

Researchers need to have a huge detector in order to increase the chance of any interaction with such rare neutrinos.


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