Cosmic Mystery

cosmic-rayCosmic Ray Mystery

Cosmic rays were discovered more than a century ago, they have an extremely high-energy radiation that can travel through space and strike the Earth. Astrophysicists have theorized that they might be produced by extreme catastrophic events.

But it is hard to determine the real origin of these cosmic rays. Cosmic rays are made of charged particles therefore they can detected magnetic fields that can send them on a circuitous path through space. ‘Everything we know about the universe at the moment is from mostly studying photons or sight” said Olga Botner, a Uppsala University researcher and the official spokesperson for IceCube; he was interviewed with Science to tell the truth. Like the theory for light: Light generally travels through straight lines, but can be blocked by matter such as intergalactic dust, or can be altered in certain ways. i.e. it is the colour that may be affected by certain things.

By all means, neutrinos have very little mass, no charge and interact very weakly with matter that meaning that they can theoretically make a journey that can take them billions light years to the Earth without even slowing down, not even stopping or touching anything. “It really makes them an ideal messenger particle,” Grant said. Meaning that the space neutrinos are recently detected by Ice-Cube are almost exactly as they when they were produced and carried “pristine” information about the event that has produced them. The point that directly backs them to their source-also is a likely source of cosmic rays that can even if it is millions or billions of light years away.


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