The Hoildays

Everyone is busy with shopping and waiting for the biggest days of the year to come and as they wait Santa is still checking his list twice ( for smaller kids to read). But technology specialists are getting busy too. They might be trying out a new gadget for someone to buy in a company that pay these technicians and gets a trade for their bonus.

Technicians are a big business for someone who might get a machine or hand-made device. To be treated great with or just so that the little ones can play with it. The best thing about the devices is that once someone buys it and wraps it special in gifted wrap and put into a stocking or under the tree. so when the big day comes, the family can be happy and joyful.But when New years is around the corner it makes everyone more happy because a new year is coming and its will be a time to celebrated by the time of 12:00:00 am.

So I will wish everyone to look around the corner to try to find Christmas and to even see if New Years is coming around the corner too. You just won’t know. so you better check.

Here is something that I made to celebrate the holidays. I hope as my views love it, as much as I do!!! Ö



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