Study: Global Majority Say Technology Will Make Hospitals Obsolete

Medical Technology

CBS Atlanta

Santa Clara, Calif. (CBS ATLANTA) — A worldwide study on technology and health care needs found that a global majority of people (57 percent) believe traditional hospitals will be obsolete in the future.

The Intel Corporation study found that customized, personal care was a desire held by many for their future health care needs. Most people surveyed in the “Intel Health Innovation Barometer” described mobile, highly-personalized technology helping them with their specific medical needs.

“Workflow, policy and culturally focused care are the most important ways we can improve health care,” Intel’s Eric Dishman told Forbes. Dishman stressed that survey respondents were looking for convenient and universally available health care needs that can be brought to them through technology.

A vast majority of people in the Intel study (84 percent) said they would be willing to share their personal health information to advance and lower costs in the health care…

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