How To Save Energy At Work

Saving Energy- Related to Solar Energy

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Many people lose sight of saving energy and reducing their carbon footprint when they are not at home due to limited options available, such as recycling. However, if you are at work and want to continue with an eco-friendly lifestyle, there are still some
things you can do to reduce your footprint at the workplace. 

Start Recycling Programs

If you work does not recycle, perhaps you can try starting a recycling program. Let your employer know your interest and how easy it is to have the county pick up recyclables. If your employer is not enthusiastic about the idea, perhaps you can start with just asking coworkers to give you their aluminum cans. That way you can at least get other people interested in the idea of recycling and you can take the cans to a local recycling center where you can get money for the cans. Once you let…

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