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The Laser Twilight Projecter
For ages 4+. Cost $149.95.
Sleep while under the stars every night in your children’s room with the Laser Star Projector. It will not make you believe of how beautiful of a display you will have with this advanced technology. The star projector only gives you a wonderful and animated experience as the beauty of the night sky fills your room. By using this Laser Star Projector in your children’s room, or in the largest warehouse. Either Way, the sophisticated green laser technology gives your kid (s) thousands of moving stars and cloud formations…and even the surpise of a shooting star.

Night’n Day Globe
For ages: 8+. Cost $159.95
This amazing globe is a clock and a calender all at once. As the globe rotates, it will show the date and time, and any location on Earth. You can see where people are on Earth who are experiencing sunrises, sunsets, or even twilight.

Build Your Own Internal Combustion Engine
For ages:13+. Cost: $39.95.
You can build your own overhead cam 4-cylinder engine from a 100 piece motorized plastic kit. You can discover how a car engine really works! This is a complete set that contains all the parts and tools you would need to assemble the working model. All the parts are clip-on and screw-on pieces that go together and can be taken apart, so that the engine can be taken apart easily and can be rebuilt again and again. The cylinder block and head are clear plastic so anyone can see all the pistons, valves, and spark plugs working! This would be a great gift to all of those who love education and to those teens who want or will become a conductor someday.

Laser Maze
For ages: 8+. Cost: $39.95.
The lights and the mirrors may make it feel like it’s magical, but it is really science and a good dose of the brain power; that’s all that is needed to make a direct hit for the laser beam when it goes though the series of the mind challenging mazes. So, get ready for a satisfying mental workout as you flex your strategic thinking muscles and ignite the light both on the grid and in your own mind.

Logiq Puzzle Tower
For ages: 8+. Cost: $24.95.
Logiq Tower is a brainteaser extraordinary. It comes with 22,000 possible solutions, you’ll rarely arrive at the same one twice. The object is to build a perfect cylinders around a central column using a combination of 15 unique inner and outer pieces. It is a challenging and is very addicting. As you put carefully interlock one piece with another, the stroke of a genius is but one more away. When you have 4 different levels, Logiq Tower appeals to children, teens, and even adults.

That’s Gross Science Lab
For ages: 8+. Cost: $ 24.95.
Need a way to get your kids interested in science? The icky factor in this kit is sure to do the trick! There are 20+ experiments in this set of range from making smelly bubbles to fake boogers! It is a realistic mini toilet bowl that acts as the mixing station for experimentation, with a swirling action and real flushing sounds. The experiments are amusing, but they are education wise for children to learn more about the related scientific principals in the provided experimental journal.

Each of these fun and scientific toys are in sets that are called: Cometron First Scope, Science Kit Table, Light Up Table, and even Brain Puzzle Table. The costs of these sets are: $79.95, $144.70, $79.95, and $13.44.


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