What’s up in Tech class

So what is offered at the technology department? Where do we go? Who do we go ask for if we need some help out, with a project that has something to do with Tech?

All of your questions will be answer in just a couple of minutes…. The technology department in this high school offers the great uses of technology, that you can use your five senses to look for different types of technology that are involved in school; to at least teach us something undiscovered yet. If you are a Grade 8 and waiting to go into Grade 9 so  that you can learned it by going to it the starting of a High school life. If you are an exchange student and your parents changed your timetable you can go to your guileless counsellor to change your brand new timetable to change classes in the beginning of a new school year or in a middle of a month.

You can ask any teacher, to see if they know where the heck to go for tech. But if you can not find it; be sure to look at your timetable and find a map of the school, by the front or the staircases that are connected by the construction of the school.  If a class of students or just a person (you) have to work on some technological device than the group or yourself has to go to the media room(), the tech lab that is located by two ways in and out that go through the wood classroom(223) and the original technology room (224), or even the library (which is located on the west wing of the school, towards time square).

Do you want some pictures to see what is up in all of these rooms? From oldest (taken from Sept.2013) to newest(Nov.2013)

Here you go!!!!




auto-tech-2 some-guy


Here they are!!! If you are a friend to any of these students. leave me a comment and I would be kind a enough to give you some credit too.


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