Tech. Hunting
Hunting season has begun, the students of St. Joseph’s High School are hunting animals. Some students are busy working and jag hunting other students by doing it with rounds that are included. There are four simple rules to capture their person (prey). 1st Rule- find out who the student is. 2nd Rule- try and find out where the girl/boy student is. 3rd Rule- try to put the clothing clip on the person, without them knowing it. 4th Rule- you have won or lost round 1.

So you are probably asking “What does hunting have to do with technology?”It is simple as that. People may not know it but they are using electronic devices whether they are outside in the bush hiding and then about to shoot down their prey. So, besides the hunting in the bush; students need to help by asking people around the school who this person is and where they can find them. Students can get help by asking their friends, siblings, and cousins or even their teachers where they can find the student that will be tracking them down too. But be quiet that some people can take this serious while others are thinking that this is all fun and games.

So have happy hunting for both ways. O.O   🙂


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