Studying w Electronics

Electronics for Studying

Should students be allowed to use their electronics for studying purposes? Students at St. Joseph’s Catholic High School for study purposes they could be getting ready to review notes on notes and then typing them up in the computers at the school or on their own laptops, iPads, iPhones, or another electronic device.

But those who do not study will not pass their test, exam, assignment, or something from school. It is almost like the literacy test, it is needed to pass or graduated highschool. Nobody (such as a teacher) telling a student that he/she should not be using their electronics to study. The students have very good reason to study on their electronics it is because they need to re-write their words from the notes, the words could be in pen and could be messy even to be read by someone.

But the teachers are sometimes right this is because electronic use in class is a bit harsh; but it custom to take away electronics from students. Teachers could be the ones who hate the word electronic or the ones who love the electronic word and would let the students use their electronics in class or somewhere where they feel comfortable to use the them where the teacher can not ask frequently questions like: “What are you doing with that?” “Can I take that from you?’‘Are you doing your work or are you texting your friends?”. Things like that bug the students so much that they want to rip the heads off, to those who are annoying them.

To all those who think I.E.P’s are a good thing to help study for anything. Like this and add some comments. I would really love it!
Anyways, all of as love to be on our phones texting to our emails, friends, or family members for important events or there was an excellent picture that the student saw or took a picture of. Meanwhile, give something to the needs to people. To tell them what is on your mind or something that had happened to you (such as something that made you sad, mad, happy or excited that your mixed up with emotions).

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