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Community Technology is the practice of synergizing the efforts of the individuals centers, local organizations, and national organizations that are with the federal policy initiatives, around the broadband, information access, and education, and even economic development are also issued. The national Organizations that full fill these centers are: * Developing and sharing technology
* Executing and sharing ideas
* Sharing assets
* Pushing policy agendas
* Creating marketing boiler templates
* Tracking and sharing trends
The local Organizations and their efforts include:
* Helping with national fund-raising
* Educating local constituents about national issues
* Providing meaningful feedback
* Helping with grassroots organizing
*Piloting innovate projects
The Individuals that have some Organization(s) include: * *Asset sharing and collaboration; both locally and (inter)nationally
* Embracing new technology and improving access to is efficient use
* Building capacity for inclusion and accessibility

In the Renfrew Community there is a lot of companies that are trying to have future in technologies they go as far as: the company is called the DAVARON TECHNOLOGIES which is a company specializing in Custom PC’s, PC Operation, and Home Theater PC’s. In this brainchild of the owner named Aaron Wiebs he designed to be a pioneer with a business model to be built on his principals, visions, integrity, and the leadership that he has acquired over the years. Davaron Technologies can offer assistance in choosing or purchasing a new PC by facility repairs and servicing at your own current PC. Assistance is to design your own home theater, and offers the home theater PC (a slim PC is to designed for HD and 3D TV’s with a combined function of a Blu-Ray, or a high capacity PVR, or even a personal computer, and for some models a gaming system that could be built inside of a computer model). If you want to know where the Davaron technologies is and how to contact the owner of this company. Here you go:
200A Morrison Road
Pembroke, Ontario, Can
K8A- 7B7

Contact Info.
Phone: 613-312-7658


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