Electronics In the Classrooms

Why don’t other teachers accept electronic use? At the St. Joseph’s High School the teachers that don’t allow any use of electronic use is because they are instructing a lesson or they probably just allow electronic use for only for researching purposes or writing abilities to type something up maybe.

What is I.E.P stand for or what is the meaning for this? It stands for Individualized Educational Plan or Program which is the meaning of the standard curriculum that is the students who have disabilities. Who need computer or something to work with while doing homework or anything else that has to do with school. Also to be at the student’s needs by any reason what’s so ever. To the student’s interests too. It will be update throughout the year for the student and the school that has these students who need to work for their future.

Where could the students feel free to texting or calling their friends at school? Students can be free to use electronic devices during breaks between classes, lunch, if their teacher lets them for any reason what so ever, and even in the hallways when they are quiet and do not disturb classrooms. The other ways that they can be free to do what they wish is by walking home or if the student goes onto a bus they can easily chat with their friends by calling or texting each other back and forth. This is the only time any student can be themselves. Or can communicate with each other.

What are the rules of having to use a electronic device in a classroom whether you are in Grade 8 to 12. These are the rules if you are not listening to the lesson by the teacher that is instructing something. Also here are some offences that similar to rules. 1st Offence – Handed in your device to the teacher and turned the device to the office. Then you have to return and get it at the end of the day. 2nd Offence – Handed the device to the teacher and turn it to the office. Then your parent or guardian has to come at earliest time and take it. 3rd Offence – Handed it to the teacher and take it to the teacher. Then the student will receive many consequences as it was deemed to be fit by the Principal or Vice Principal. Unless your teahcer allows you to use any device you must treated it like personal item and use it wisely. If you use your electronic device as a inappropriate device it will be taken away.

The St. Joseph’s High School should allow students to communicate with each other to help them with homework questions and other things.


By: Dana Mills


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