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Electronics In Classrooms

S0 in St. Joseph’s high school, many teachers let their students use their electronics in class to listen to music, or use it for research proposes only. Why don’t the other teachers accept electronic use? Because other teachers will not accept the use of electronics when they need the purpose of a computer or writing abilities other than that they will take cellphones or any other device that they think that you might be using in class for fun or for texting other people.

Many people have told their teachers that they have I.E.P which means that they are allowed to use their electronics in class even when the teacher says otherwise. One student in puticular told her teacher that she had I.E.P and of course the teacher did not listen to her. On Friday, October 18, 2013, in Period 4 Dean Anna was listening to music on her iPad and the teacher (Ms. Watson) saw her with it and told her that she could not use her ipad in the class, then Dean Anna told the teacher that she has I.E.P but the teacher took her iPad and did not even listen to what Dean Anna was even saying to her. But she interrupt her and told her that “In the beginning of school I have told everyone that they should not bring their phones or electronics to class!” Dean Anna was furious. That is an example of someone as a student that is not treated properly like an adult, but treated like a child. Not right what so ever.

The only way that the students can really feel good is when their teachers let them use their electronics or when their at lunch or even at home. That’s the only time that they can be themselves. For once in their lives. The other things or areas that students can feel that they are able to chat with friends, texting or calling each other is by the school policy. The students can only be allowed to use there electronics on the breaks between periods or when their in the hallways not bugging teachers and their classes.

The rules for having electronic use in the St. Joseph’s High School is that if a teacher has instructed that to a class that you can not use any electronic device the rules for this is: 1st Offence – hand over the device to the teacher and turned it into the office. Returned in the end of the day. 2nd Offence – Handed it to the teacher and then it gets turned to the office. Returned by a parent/guardian at the earliest convenience. 3rd Offence – Handed it in to the teacher and then it will get it to the office. Student will receive several consequences as it was deemed to fit by the Principal or the Vise Principal.

By: Dana Mills

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