Media Class

Media Class

In the beginning of school at first you could be nervous at first. But when you’re in media class it may sound easy but let me tell it will get hard as time goes by. Once you start the teacher will assisted you to a section of the homepage and you are in charge of that section with a group of other people. If you want to take out a camera you may do so but be careful with it.

In media class the different sections are: Facebook (which includes getting pictures or slides for the t.v. in or near Times Square), Twitter (which means you can tweet to everyone what’s up with the SJHS updates), Google+ (which means you can tell different updates that serve the internet and to anyone that uses google to check it out), Youtube (which means you or group can post videos of the sports or anything else that has to do with SJHS), Pinterest (where you or group can tell people that or show people what’s up or something like that.), Instagram (where you can post, leave a comment, or even tell people that your part of Instagram and give them a reason to be on this app.), WordPress (here is where you can give information on any electronic device you have with you.), and Blackberry Messaging (this where you can use any phone or blackberry to message your family, friends or another contact with the social media network.)


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