Definitions for Technology

Electronics – (a device) having or to operate with components such as a microchip and a translator that control and direct electric wave currents.

● an electronic calculator
● related to electrons
● carried out or accessed by the meanings of another electronic device, especially over the network.
● electronic banking is another example.

Microchip – a very small piece of SILICON containing a set of electronic parts which is used in computers and other machines.

Translator – a person who translates from one language into another. It’s also a program that translates from one programing language into another.

Robotics – a branch of technology that concerned with the design, construction, and application of robots.

Display – (on an electronic device) to show an image on a screen, to give a conspicuous demonstration of a skill, a collection of objects being in a scatter presentation.

Solar Power – a power that is obtained by harnessing the energy of the energy of the sun’s rays.

Automotive Technology- a activity of designing and constructing automobiles.


Cell Phones (also known as a cellular phone or device) – is a device that can make and receive telephone calls over a radio link that is connected while moving around a very wide geographic area.

iPad – is a line of tablet computers that are designed and marketed by their companies such as Apple Inc; which also runs i OS Apple. It also includes the icons of shooting videos, taking pictures by using a small little camera, multi-touch screen, a virtual keyword, playing music. The other functions are these that are games, reference, G.P.S. navigation, Face-time, and social network, and even etc.

iPod – is a line of portable music players that are designed and marketed by the company such as Apple Inc. They have sever external data storage by the models from the Shuffle that had 2 GB to 160 GB for the Classic. All of Apple’s products are associated with iTunes software. They are linked by internet or something else that someone has discovered.

iPhone – is a line of smartphones designed and marketed by the company (Apple Inc.). It runs Apple’s i OS mobile operating system. The fist generation iPhone was released on June 29, 2007 and the brand new seventh generation iPhone 5 C and 5 S are released and introduced on September 10, 2013.

Science Technology

Solar Oven – is a device which uses the sunlight rays to heat up objects. Such as food, water, or etc.

HST (History of Science and Technology) – is the field of history which has examine of how the humanity’s understanding of the natural world of science and the ability to manipulate the technology that has changed over the centuries. The academic discipline is also in the studies of the cultural, economic, and the political with the impacts of the scientific innovation.


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