The Invasion Of the Electronics

If you go around the St. Joseph’s High School in Renfrew. You would find out that in every classroom they are using electronics which means technology. There are cell phones being used in and out of the school, I Pads, and I Pods for research or for if someone is bored they could play with their own electronics but not in class. If the teacher allows you to use your electronic for music or something else its the teacher’s decision on when and where you can.

Many students bring in their laptops which can give them very good writing abilities with English class, French class, or any literacy class. Teachers teach their students either on a Smart Board or a projector to teach them that there are so many ways to be taught. As a the same as this quote “If there is hope, there is a way” you should be grateful for learning and giving each other hope and peace. As I was saying in the beginning , that cell phones can be use in and out of school, but there are rules if the teacher is against having your phone out in the middle of class. But some teacher may allow you to us eyour phone for educational purposes only.

Here are some pictures of the St. Joseph’s High School using electronics or Technology.

samsung-2  ipod-1computertv.-1iphone-2 

I took these pictures in the media room. Its located on the east wing, across from room 226. (the wood department)

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