SJHS Technology

St. Joseph’s High School:

At the St. Joseph’s High School students in grades 8, 9,10,11,12 are now to use their electronics to help out with work or any other possible way to finish assignments or something that would evolve technology. Grade (9 to 12) students are learning of how old and new technology works. They will learn through-out life how to use tools properly and how not to use tools in the technology department. Students that use the school’s electronic technology are marked on having improvement and the teachers get to see if the students have made a achievement it their past work.This is a Grade 11 student doing her work at the cafeteria.
If students are studying for a test or need to a test they can do it here at the cafeteria. It’s peaceful when some students use it for other things but its the place for quiet learning and getting homework done. This is a good goal: Get your homework done or else your teacher will be mad.        `


As I in the beginning that in tech class they get to research for their assignments, hand-in their homework by using technology it’s that easy. So, here’s a Grade 8 or Grade 9 class in the Tech lab working on their technology assignments.


I also said in the top paragraph is that in one of our departments we have auto-tech where any grade I think except grade 8 can’t but the other grades can go into the auto-tech class. Also to learn what is important and what is the most stupidest or idiotic way not to do when handle the tools. They will can do hand-on stuff in that period. The kind of stuff you need to be deal with automobiles and technology. So here’s some pictures from room 224. (for students its on the east wing, and on the 2nd floor)

Here are some pictures of the tech class.

auto-tech-1auto-tech-2auto-tech-3auto-tech-5auto-tech-4These are the pictures of the room 224 for auto-tech.

Did you know that we have solar panels to save energy and make our planet a green one. You can see by consuming energy, we have also be recycling and keeping our technology green to by using more of it then paper. Here are a picture of the St. Joseph’s High School  solar panels. They are also not on the ground the way you would see a farm of them but they are on the roof of the school. If you look outside of the school you may just see them.

solar-panel-1The other technology that we have in school is in the library where you have to be quiet and finish assignments by the teacher or the due date. So I’ll let you see a picture that a got from the library. the other kinds of technology is that we have security cameras outside. Here are some pictures taking by last week.

computer-lab-1camera-1 camera-2( for the small miniature one you may have to zoom in on the page.)

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